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 900 Series Kiln Entry Suit
This Kiln Entry Suit is for workers who must function in kiln or other extreme heat situations that do not involve total flame, but require high quality heat protection. Fyrepel's unparalleled insulation capabilities make these 900 Series Suits the top choice for tough jobs, such as furnace repairs at high ambient temperatures in the steel, glass and ceramic industries, or where high pressure steam is a threat in petrochemical and chemical plants.

Fyrepel 900 Series Kiln Entry Suits put multiple layers of glass and an extra layer of aluminized glass between you and dangerous heat or non-ferrous splash. These suits are tailored to be worn with a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for protection in hostile atmospheres. Faceshield protection is provided by a multi-layered system of tempered glass and reflective gold on a heat resistant lens. The hoods have excellent lateral and vertical visibility.

Heat Tolerances
Heat Tolerances

  1. Short duration entry into kiln, furnace or oven to 1500°F (816°C) ambient.
  2. Prolonged exposure to radiant heat up to 2000°F (1093°C).

900 Series Kiln Entry Suit 900 Series Kiln Entry Suit
900 Series Kiln Entry Suit

The 900 Series Kiln Entry Suit comes complete with a hood, coat, pants, mitts, boots and storage bag. The 900 Series Kiln Entry Suit is available in two sizes; the 900/R fits heights from 5'10" up to 6'1", with weights ranging from 170lbs. up to 210 lbs. The 900/SS fits heights from 5'5" up to 5'9", with weights ranging from 140 lbs. to 165 lbs. Individual replacement components are available.

Notes: For safety precautions, two personnel should be suited to aid one another and work in relays.
This suit is not for fire entry.

Storage Bag
The 900 Series Fire Entry Suit
comes with its own storage bag.

Model Numbers

900/R Kiln Entry Suit Complete, SCBA accommodation, storage bag
900/SS Kiln Entry Suit Complete, SCBA accommodation, storage bag

Suit Components

910 Kiln Entry Hood
920/R Kiln Entry Coat
930/R Kiln Entry Pants
920/SS Kiln Entry Coat
930/SS Kiln Entry Pants
955 Kiln Entry Boots
940 Kiln Entry Gauntlet
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