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 Fyrepel Accessories
 Hand and Arm Protection

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Among the most important protective accessories from Fyrepel are specialized Mittens and Gloves. These hand coverings range from wristlet through 13" (33cm) Gauntlet to 17" (43cm) Mitt styles. These gloves and mitts protect the hand from high temperatures in many work environments. Choose from Fire Entry, Kiln Entry, 700 Series, 300 Series or Leather Gloves. The 1040 Mitts have been discontinued.
Mitts, Styles 1040 and 940
Left, Fire Entry Mitt, Style 1040 (DISCONTINUED)
Right, Kiln Entry Mitt, Style 940

700 Series Proximity Mitts, Styles 740 and 740-1
Left, Insulated Proximity Mitt, Style 740
Right, One Finger Insulated Proximity Mitt, Style 740-1

300 Series Approach Gauntlets, Styles 344-08 and 344-02A
Left, Approach Gauntlet, Style 344-08 aluminized Nomex®
Right, Approach Gauntlet, Style 344-02A aluminized Rayon

Leather Gloves, Styles 346D4P and 343-26
Left, Heat Resistant Leather Glove, Style 346D4P
Right, Wristlet with Leather Palm, Style 343-26


300 Series Approach Sleeves, Style 336-18AG
300 Series Approach Sleeves,
Style 336-18AG

General purpose heat protective sleeves that work in a variety of environments. Approach sleeves are non insulated and perform in areas up to 200°F (93°C) ambient temperature, and radiant heat up to 2000°F (1093°C). Sleeves have elastic at both ends for consistent protection. Available in Aluminized Glass or Aluminized Rayon.
Model Numbers - 300 Series:
336-12AG: 300 Series Approach Sleeve, Aluminized Glass 12" length
336-18AG: Same as above, 18" length
336-24AG: Same as above, 24" length
336-12AR: 300 Series Approach Sleeve, Aluminized Rayon 12" length
336-18AR: Same as above, 18" length
336-24AR: Same as above, 24" length

Related Accessories: Head and Body || Leg and Foot || Misc Accessories

Safety Clothing, Protective Clothing

Multiple product lines to meet your needs.

Lakeland manufactures a broad array of industrial protective clothing. The lineup includes limited-use and disposable clothing, chemical protective clothing, flame resistant clothing, woven and anti-static clothing, aluminized industrial heat protective clothing and hand and arm protective products.

Proven and Reliable Protective Clothing, Safety Gloves, Turnout Gear, and Safety Workwear.

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