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Extreme Chemical Protection


Interceptor Suit, Chemical Protection

Interceptor® is your first line of defense against extreme chemical hazards.

Interceptor® is the apex of Lakeland Industries' chemical protective clothing line. Manufactured to both NFPA 1991 and CE type 1 requirements and available in encapsulating and non-encapsulating configurations there is an Interceptor® suit for your needs be it gas, vapor, aerosol, liquid, or particulate protection. Interceptor® offers dependable protection, superior performance and patented garment features that have been proven over a broad range of chemical challenges in a wide range of environments.

Interceptor Features:

  • Patented ShurSeal Teflon® visor process permanently seals the visor into the suit with no sewing involved so that liquids can't penetrate the visor edge.
  • Certified to the optional Flash Fire Protection for Escape Only requirements of NFPA 1991
  • Available in NFPA 1991 and CE Type 1 certified ensembles as well as non-certified encapsulating configurations
  • Teflon outer layer on visor prevents impairment of vision due to chemical contact
  • Seams sealed inside and out for maximum protection
  • All NFPA certified Interceptor® ensembles include Tingley HazProof® boots and storage bag

Interceptor® Protective Layers

Interceptor Protective Layers

Interceptor uses a combination of 8 barrier film layers and a non-woven diffusion layer sequenced to optimize protection from hazardous chemicals.

Interceptor® Seam Style

Interceptor Seam Style

Heat Sealed

ONEGlove® System


The ONEGlove® system consists of a Hazmat glove which has a Kevlar® outer glove, Nomex® inner glove and a Fluoropolymer barrier film. Standard on NFPA versions - ONEGlove can be added to other styles.

Interceptor Suit

Passes the Limited Chemical Flash Fire Protection for Escape and Liquified Gas Protection option for NFPA 1991.

Test Kit Chemical Protection
Vapor Tight NFPA Test Kit

Vapor Tight NFPA Test Kit

Maintain your encapsulated suits with this easy to use test kit. Kit features an easy-to-read Magnehelic pressure gauge, digital timer, sturdy brass and steel fittings, hoses and connectors in a waterproof case. Complete instructions included.

  • Part No. 00010 - Level A Test Kit
  • Part No. 00011 - NFPA Test Kit
  • Part No. 00200 - Universal Test Kit for DuPont, Lakeland and Kapler Level A and NFPA Certified suits. Features an integrated blower for suit inflation.

Interceptor Styles

Style No. Description
80655 Blue Vapor tight (Level A) NFPA 1991, 2005 Certified Ensemble - Fully encapsulated, rear-entry vapor-protected suit
80645 Blue Vapor tight (Level A) NFPA 1991, 2005 Certified Ensemble - Fully encapsulated, front-entry vapor-protected suit
80645W Blue Vapor tight (Level A) NFPA 1991 Ensemble - Fully encapsulated, front-entry vapor-protected suit, wide view faceshield
80655W Blue Vapor tight (Level A) NFPA 1991 Ensemble - Fully encapsulated, rear-entry vapor-protected suit, wide view faceshield
80640 Blue CE Type 1:EN943:2005 Vapor tight (Level A) Deluxe Ensemble - Fully encapsulated, front-entry vapor-protected suit
80650 Blue CE Type 1:EN943:2005 Vapor tight (Level A) Deluxe Ensemble - Fully encapsulated, rear-entry vapor-protected suit

Permeation Data for ASTM Recommended List of Chemicals for Evaluating

Chemical Name Physical Phase Normalized
Time (min.)
Cas No.
Acetone L >480 67-64-1
Acetonitrile L >480 75-05-8
Ammonia Gas G >480 7664-41-7
1,3-Butadiene Gas G >480 106-99-0
Carbon Disulfide L >480 75-15-0
Chlorine Gas G >480 7782-50-5
Dichloromethane L >480 75-09-2
Diethylamine L >480 109-89-7
N,N-Dimethylformamide L >480 68-12-2
Ethyl Acetate L >480 141-78-6
Ethylene Oxide G >480 75-21-8
n-Hexane L >480 110-54-3
Hydrogen Chloride G >480 7647-01-0
Methanol L >480 67-56-1
Methyl Chloride G >480 74-87-3
Nitrobenzene L >480 98-95-3
Sodium Hydroxide, 50% L >480 1310-73-2
Sulfuric Acid (conc.) L >480 7664-93-9
Tetrachloroethylene L >480 127-18-4
Tetrahydrofuran L >480 109-99-9
Toluene L >480 108-88-3

> = greater than, L = liquid, G = gas

Note: Chemical Restistance Data is in accordance with ASTM F739 test method. Testing is performed on fabric samples only, not finished garments. Sources for all test data are independent laboratories. All tests were performed under laboratory conditions and not actual use conditions.

Permeation Data for 595 Class/Sublcass Chemical Warefare Agents

Agent Common
GA Tabun 77-80-6 >60 min.
GB Sarin 107-44-8 >60 min.
GD Soman 99-64-0 >60 min.
HD Sulfur
505-60-2 >60 min.
>60 min.
L Lewisite 541-25-3 >60 min.
VX VX 50782-69-9 >60 min.

Safety Clothing, Protective Clothing

Multiple product lines to meet your needs.

Lakeland manufactures a broad array of industrial protective clothing. The lineup includes limited-use and disposable clothing, chemical protective clothing, flame resistant clothing, woven and anti-static clothing, aluminized industrial heat protective clothing and hand and arm protective products.

Proven and Reliable Protective Clothing, Safety Gloves, Turnout Gear, and Safety Workwear.

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